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Why work with us?

At Three Pillar Health we understand that you are more than your injury, and that injuries impact every aspect of your life: work, sleep, your hobbies and relationships. We are committed to getting you moving better, feeling better and back to doing the things you love. Whether that's back to work, exercise or family time.

We treat you like family, that means providing honest advice and high-quality physiotherapy services to help you achieve your individual goals. We care personally about our clients, and genuinely want you to receive excellent care, be blown away by your experience, and leave feeling empowered and feeling better!

At Three Pillar Health we help prevent, treat and manage any injury to muscles, joints, ligaments or nerves! We offer a full range of physiotherapy services including dizziness and vertigo assessment (vestibular physiotherapy), sports physiotherapy, musculoskeletal physiotherapy and more!

What to Expect During Your Physio Session 


We believe in patient-centred care. That means we want to hear YOUR story! That way we can design a treatment that best suits you! You want exercises? Great! Feeling sore and need a massage? Easy! We are here to help!

Personalised Management Plans

We believe that everyone should understand their condition! That's why every client that attends Three Pillar Health will get an individualised management plan that is sent through to you after the session.

Our Services

General Physiotherapy

Are you searching for Physiotherapy to help you with your back pain? Or do you suffer from headaches and they don't seem to be getting better? We understand that Physiotherapy isn't just helping people with sporting injuries, but it is about helping everyone move and feel better. We provide hands-on ...

Sports Physiotherapy

Are you frustrated because an injury is stopping you from training? Or are you wanting some specialised help in strength and conditioning? Then Sports physiotherapy might be the answer. Sports Physiotherapy focuses on the rehabilitation of injuries related to sports and physical activity and the prevention of activity related injuries..

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