About Us

At Three Pillar Health We Believe That All People Should Have Access To Healthcare That Helps Them Feel Better!

The three pillars in our logo have 2 meanings. Firstly, it symbolises what we believe all good healthcare should aim to achieve:

  1. Prevention of injuries before they occur
  2. High-quality, evidence-based, individualised treatment
  3. Ongoing management of conditions/injuries to improve quality of life and enjoyment.

Secondly, it's a reminder of our values- what drives us to always strive for improvement and the reason we do what we do at Three Pillar Health:

  • serve with care

  • go the extra mile

  • act with integrity

Serve with care

We genuinely want you to feel we're you as a person, not just a condition. We are passionate about people, and we are committed to helping you achieve your goals in as many ways as we can! We believe everyone should be treated equally and everyone deserves the highest level of care.  


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